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Egypt is the ideal nation for a mix of activities combining adventure, relaxation and culture. To Egypt travel agency, the ‘home of ancient Pharaohs’, there are many Things to do in Egypt  which are available for the tourists. There are many places in Egypt for visiting on a tour. Most people Egypt travel agency to have a glance at its ancient temples and monuments. They have been capturing the attention of travelers of hundreds of years. Various places in Egypt are very amazing to see. Hurghada, Alexandria, Dahab, Siwa Oasis, Cairo and Dahshur are some of the places which are worth visiting. Aswan is known for its great strategic importance. It is located on the northern end of the First Cataract.

For the military campaigns against Nubia, it was a garrison town in ancient times. The granite was provided by its quarries, which was used for obelisks and sculptures. Although there are plenty of things to see here, it isn't a place to hurry. The river here is languorous, beautiful and wide. Around palm-studded islands and dramatic black-granite boulders, it gently flows down from Lake Nasser. The village of Gharb Seheyl and the large island of Seheyl are situated in the north of the old Aswan Dam. It offers an opportunity of swimming in the river as well as various laid-back guesthouses. One can recover from the rigors of temple-viewing and travelling by visiting these places. It would be a shame if one doesn't visit Pyramids of Giza, Abu Simbel or the West Bank of Luxor on their tour. The fans of Archaeology would love to spend their time in Luxor, they will also get to hear ancient stories by the locals. Beach lovers must head to Sinai and enjoy spending quality time.

Dahab is the laid-back, low-rise and low-key place. It transformed from dusty Bedouin outpost to spruced-up tourist village. A plenty of pluses have come along with the prosperity. Due to the better regulation of operators, diving is more organized and much safer activity. The town is more family-friendly and cleaner now. The travelers are reeled by the mellow ambience of Dahab. Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC. It is the stuff of legend. The ancient harbor’s entrance is marked by its towering Pharos lighthouse. It was once included in one of the seven wonders of the world. The Great Library of Alexandria is considered as the archive of ancient knowledge. A spate of cruel blows was dealt by the city, the Great library and the Pharos were torched and collapsed. Part of the ancient city disappeared under the modern city and part under the sea. Hence, there are some remains of the glorious past. The Things to do in Egypt  will surely refresh you on your long vacation!

5 Mar 2018


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